Surevested is an Artificial Intelligence powered life insurance agency

The Surevested team has been in the insurance industry for decades, and customer service has always been our top priority. By combining expertise and our ability to connect with clients, we’re making the life insurance process simple, honest, and completely transparent.

Our story

We’ve spent our careers in a traditional brokerage setting. We know what doesn’t work, because we’ve seen it. Speaking with clients face-to-face and getting to know their needs showed us exactly how we could improve the life insurance experience. Nobody likes pushy salespeople, long processing times, or shady quote practices—so we teamed up with technologists to build a new marketplace that’s simple, honest, and completely transparent. Our team is made up of real people, with real insurance expertise, based in New York City. No matter what your goals are, Surevested is here to help you meet them.

Why us?

We're doing it differently. Most online insurance marketplaces are only about the numbers. Although technology plays a vital role in our process, our mission is to bring years of insurance expertise accessible to our users in a convenient, pressure-free and transparent way. Do you feel more comfortable navigating the life insurance process on your own? Surevested is the right place for you. Do you have questions, are a bit unsure or simply feel better talking it out? Surevested is still the right place for you. No matter how you choose to pursue the most valuable gift you can give your family, the Surevested team is here to support you through it.

Our Founder

Jessica Lepore started her career as a licensed Property, casualty, life and health New York State insurance broker. Realizing the pain points in the life insurance sales process first-hand, Jessica teamed up with technologists to build a platform that brings seasoned insurance experience together with comprehensive technology.

Jessica has been highlighted by Authority Magazine as a Female Disruptor and has been featured in major publications such as Nerdwallet, Yahoo Finance, Insurtech Insights, and many more.

"No matter what your financial goals are, Life insurance is the most valuable protection you could offer the people in your life most important to you. With Surevested, our goal wasn’t only to make the life insurance process easier and more transparent than ever before, but to combine our years of expertise to make you feel confident you are choosing protection perfectly tailored to your needs."

Our carriers

John Hancock
Pacific Life

How we’re different

We work with several top carriers, not just one, and offer both term and permanent life policies.

Other sites only offer term coverage for limited periods (10, 20, or 30 years). Surevested offers term and permanent life solutions to fit your needs and budget, and we let you compare rates from multiple top carriers.

90% of the time, our clients don’t require a medical exam.

Most life insurance policies require you to have a medical exam after submitting an application in order to confirm aspects of your health and lifestyle. Surevested’s technology pulls extensive data ahead of time, saving you that extra step and providing accurate rates up front.

The rates you see are final, no bait and switch.

Other life insurance quotes can be misleading. With Surevested, the rates you see are the rates you’ll get, and you don't pay until your rate is final.

Our team

We are backed by the best insurance and tech experts of the market to build the most advanced product.

Bradley Bradley
Founder & CEO
Mable Clark
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Dylan Mendez
Senior Vice President Operations
Isabelle Hansen
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ronnie Vaughn
Senior Vice President Retail + People
Jordan Fisher
Chief Operating Officer
Iva Bowman
Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing
Edgar Fleming
Vice President Marketing Communications

“ Surevested was the simplest and easiest insurance I’ve ever purchased, “old” insurance companies need to step into the current century!!! ”

Troy Buchanan

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Lora Cortez
Founding Partner

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Cameron Hampton
CEO, Aircel